Workshops & Courses

Be intentional about building life skills for personal growth

Two Tuesdays, Two 60-minute online small-group sessions

I'll teach you the first two steps of my signature growth method, the Blueprint One for Growth. We'll work together through effective goal-setting so that you leave the first session with a complete outline of a goal you'd like to achieve and critical insights on how to move toward that goal. 

We'll meet two weeks later for a progress check-in and Q&A so that you can successfully continue on your growth journey.

Life Goals Workshop


December 13 & 28, 2022

  • Two Tuesday mornings
    (7am Pacific / 10am Eastern)
  • Online and interactive
  • Small group format for personalized attention
  • Learn to set meaningful goals and get started achieving them

Practical Embodiment Practices

Reduce anxiety, boost confidence

Two Saturdays,
Two 2-hour Interactive Online Small-Group Sessions

Our bodies are powerful tools and science is showing that our heart and gut intelligence are just as important as our mental intelligence. Embodiment practices, or feeling into your bodily sensations and knowing how to interpret the messages is a key first step in using all of our body's intelligence.

In this workshop, I'll give you introductory instruction and tools that can make a significant impact on addressing stress, anxiety and other emotions you hold in your body and how to use the body to release those stressors for greater calm and confidence.

Practical Embodiment Workshop


January 14 & 21 (10am-noon PST)

  • Learn how-to tune into your body to receive more of its intelligence
  • Practice tools during the course with easy instructions to practice on your own
  • Small group format to maintain a high level of individual feedback

Five Wednesdays (January 11, 18, 25, February 1 & 8)
75-minute online interactive sessions

We all know communication is a key success factor in any relationship, love or otherwise, but we rarely set aside time to really plan, dream and act on a life lived happily together. Or, if you do, it may be about vacations, or homes, or jobs, or kids, but rarely a complete and full look at what you want to create as individuals and as a unit.

Enter this #RelationshipGoals Workshop where I will guide you to look at the 8 key areas of your lives and identify your dreams for yourselves as well as you and your partner together.

This is a positive, forward-looking workshop that encourages couples to dream and grow together. It's a new program in its infancy and I'm looking for partners willing to pioneer a new way of being in relationship. If that's you and your partner, please join this workshop!

Relationship Goals Workshop


January 2023

  • Every Wednesday
    (6-7:15p Pacific / 9-10:15 Eastern)
  • This is a pilot program with a reduced fee
  • Please complete the contact form if interested so we can discuss this program before you and your partner join.

Your Roadmap to Awakening

Self-paced online course

Sometimes our journey toward inner leadership is more spiritual in nature. In this case, there is often a 'spark' of awakening or a major life event. Other times our soul whispers its beckoning.

If you have questions about what it means to be awakening, explore this online course I put together with my colleague, Scott Masciarelli, of Clear Insights Coaching.

Tell me More



Online Self-Paced Course

  • 8 modules with 29 total lessons
  • 240+ minutes of instruction
  • 6 exercises
  • Special price discounted from $197 available through November 20, 2022
  • Full access through December 2023

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