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The world feels wildly out of control. 
Find your inner power to navigate the chaos and upheaval with less anxiety.

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There has never been as much change and uncertainty in the world as today.

Replace confusion and fear with inner power and strength. You are invited to answer your inner call.

A Quick Introduction

Individually, you’re likely experiencing your own shifts, such as an unexpected life transition, a job change or the end of a relationship. Or perhaps you are just seeking some normalcy or simplicity in your life.

Despite the chaos, or perhaps because of it, you can reach your highest inner potential. You have the power to level out your emotions, calm your mind and live with more purpose and control.



Our planet is shifting with the quickening energy. As this happens, we are being invited to ascend into higher stages of consciousness. During this period of global awakening we’re seeing many systems and outdated structures collapse. Truths are being exposed and many of us are asking questions we may have avoided in the past.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
Who do I want to be?

What’s the bigger picture of all that’s happening?

When the ground feels unstable, as it may for you now, the best place to go is inside, to reclaim your personal power.

We’ve been on this journey of awakening for years. Both of us wish that there was support like this roadmap at the beginning of our transformation. 



Module 1: What is Awakening 

  • What’s happening in the world energetically
  • How these changes are showing up in our lives

Module 2: The Awakening Spark

  • How to recognize the spark of awakening
  • Sharing personal awakening sparks
  • Exercise: Your Awakening Spark

Module 3: Exploration

  • Understanding the awakening landscape
  • Staying in balance & levels of consciousness
  • Exercise: Choosing your resources

Module 4: Reality Check

  • Facing your personal reality
  • The masks you wear
  • Exercise: Removing your mask

Module 5: Embodiment & Surrender

  • Understanding your body’s intelligence
  • Developing your intuition
  • Exercise/Meditation: Solar Plexus body scan

Module 6: Inner Power & Leadership

  • Understanding the inner mirror
  • Sensing energy
  • Exercise: Spot it, you’ve got it

Module 7: Finding Personal Freedom

  • Attaining moments of personal freedom
  • Personal freedom and the goal of enlightenment
  • Exercise: Reflecting on personal freedom

Module 8: Course wrap & next steps

  • How to continue your journey after the course
  • Bonus materials


Your inner world is calling. When you listen to the subtleties within, your life expands into unexpected new depths.

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Your Course Facilitators

Scott Masciarelli - Course Guide 

Scott Masciarelli, MCC is a Master Certified Coach and retreat facilitator. Throughout his work and extensive travels, he has noticed that many people around the world are asking “What’s next?”

Scott designed Create Your Plan BE, a virtual self-study coaching program to help people connect with the essence of their being and expand their inner power.

He believes many of us are hearing the same inner call to step into an even greater version of ourselves and make a lasting difference in the world. Scott’s coaching style helps people relax into the experience and connect with the essential reason they are here.

As an avid world traveler, he inspires you to look at the adventures of your life and explore the inner and outer journeys.  He speaks several languages and has traveled to more than 80 countries and all 50 states.

Scott’s experience includes:

  • 25+ years of corporate leadership experience
  • 20+ years of training, mentoring and coaching work
  • Certified Deep Transformational Coach & Group Coach 

Cindy Jennings has been on her journey of awakening and inner exploration for years. She created the Essential Self Program to help people embark on a self-discovery journey to who they truly are underneath the labels we take on: leader, employee, boss, mother/father, friend. The journey of inner exploration, of inner awakening, is necessarily internal and individual. But you need not journey alone.

The truth is this exploration can be confusing, liberating and joyful—sometimes all in rapid succession or even at the same time. The support of another who understands this non-linear journey can speed up and deepen growth. 

Cindy’s experience includes:

  • 10 years in organizational transformation for start-up to Fortune 500 companies
  • 20+ years mentoring in the corporate workplace
  • Certified Deep Transformational Coach
  • Reiki Master Level III

Connect With Your

Inner Knowing

We’ll help you connect more deeply with your inner knowing in this self-paced virtual course. This power allows you to increase confidence and trust in you and your life’s direction.

Through carefully created activities and exercises this course will provide you with eye-opening awareness.

You will leave with a better understanding of what’s happening to you and what’s most important. This awareness will blend with practical ways to navigate your path to transformation.

Self-paced online course

8 modules with 29 total lessons

240+ minutes of instruction

6 exercises

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November 30, 2022
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