Blueprint One for Growth™ 

Blueprint One for Growth is a personal and professional growth method to help you either get unstuck and moving forward, or moving forward faster. Get promoted, create better relationships, live a more balanced life, be happier. 

  • In under 2 hours, learn the tool that shows you how to create the change and momentum you want in your life

  • Practice your new tool with 12 weeks of live guidance from me 

  • Master leading every area of your life to its fullest

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Learn it once, use it for a lifetime

With Blueprint One for Growth:  get promoted, create better relationships, live a more balanced life, be happier 

You have internal potential just waiting to be activated. Uncover this inner power to live the life you want to lead.

  • Embodied the confidence to go for your dreams, a promotion, that raise.
  • Be recognized as an innovative thinker.
  • Build a loyal, high-performing team with your ability to be collaborative.
  • Let your creativity and ideas shine.
  • Show your vulnerability to improve your strength as a leader.
  • Meaningfully share what you really feel about a project's direction or misdirection.
  • Actually work realistic hours AND be wildly successful.

Access your inner power to achieve the changes you seek even when other tools, processes and pure determination didn't. 

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Cindy is the consummate professional. It's clear this is not a one size fits all program, and she helped me get to the information that was important to me in an  insightful way. 

Myers Briggs, DiSC, Enneagram and the like are interesting tools, but ultimately are designed to help other people understand you, not for you to understand yourself. Cindy's program, and her help navigating it, have contributed to my ability to move effectively through my home, workplace, the grocery store - anyplace where my inner self is working to be at equilibrium with my outer self.

~Bill U., Energy Industry Executive

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Stop postponing the life you want to lead

Blueprint One for Growth is a proven, repeatable process for any change you want to make

Are you going through life's motions or going for it? Here are a few examples of my clients creating he personal and professional freedom to create the life they crave:

  • Shayla became confident sharing new ideas at work, which also opened doors for her artistic pursuits outside of her day job 

  • Wyatt's focus on following through led to a promotion at work and rekindled his relationship with his long-term girlfriend

  • Shelly learned to communicate expectations more effectively at work, which also improved her relationship with her wife and two kids

  • Chelsea learned to show relevant vulnerability at work that increased trust and loyalty with her team. The team went on to become recognized as a top-performing team in her organization earning them all a big bonus

You are invited to find your personal freedom 

How do you know who or what you are meant to be? And once you know, how do you get there?

I can show you how to explore your inner self, balance inner chaos and explore life's largest questions--who am I and what am I here to do? 

Let me re-introduce you to You.

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Program Details

Blueprint One for Growth is a method you can master quickly to tackle one professional or personal growth goal at a time. It's particularly effective in conquering that one thing that has held you place, or slowed you down. Blueprint One is a proven, repeatable process that gets you out of neutral and into action with two key steps other growth methods overlook.

It is equally effective in accelerating your use of your strengths to create the work and life you want to lead.

In 45 minutes of on-demand instruction and 12 weeks of live, interactive support to create your first blueprint for your first change, Blueprint One for Growth can shift you toward leading the career and living the life you create, not just have. 

  • Earn promotions at work that lead to your financial success and happiness
  • Learn to develop healthy relationships above and below your seniority level 
  • Make more confident decisions at work and about your life  
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety by creating desired change in yourself and your team 

Step 1:

Learn the Blueprint

First, learn the how the tool at your convenience with my fast-moving, on-demand, interactive learning space.

This isn't a me talk, you listen kind of experience. You will have actions each step of the way creating a blueprint that is custom-designed to fit you and your needs. Every Blueprint one for Growth is unique.

At the end of Step 1, you will have outlined for yourself:

  • The one personal improvement goal that, if you achieve it, will have a huge impact on the quality of your life
  • Understand what is keeping you stuck no matter how many times you've tried to change in the past
  • Develop a proven, data-based action plan so that you can (finally!) move forward
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Blueprint One for Growth examples from my clients

  • Be a better listener to connect with those around me
  • Stop micromanaging and causing burnout
  • Complete projects or act on new ideas
  • Be open-minded to new ideas that aren't my own
  • Become a better cheerleader for my team 
  • Hold myself and my team accountable for meeting goals
  • Have the hard conversations with more confidence 
  • Make time for 1:1 team engagement
  • Set boundaries to manage workload overwhelm
  • Communicate expectations more clearly
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Step 2: 

Activate Your Blueprint

Weekly, live and online support is provided for 12 weeks while you learn to use your blueprint to realize the life you want to create.

Before jumping into action or making big promises to ourselves that (let's be honest) you are unlikely to keep for long, we need to test our big assumptions that underpin our hidden commitments.

This means testing your assumptions and gathering a bit of data and feedback before taking action for change.

We'll have weekly checkpoints to test assumptions, gather and analyze data, and create new theories and tests.

In this way, you understand what is, or isn't, impacting your actions toward your change goal.

Step 3:

Create Blueprint Two, Three, Four...

Once you understand and know how to use this tool effectively, at a pace that you can absorb long-lasting change to your habits, thinking and behavior, you can use the tool again and again for any change you seek to make.

The goal of this program is to enable you to create change within yourself anytime it serves you, without requiring outside help or coaching each time.

You can even teach your team or organization this tool, or we can set-up a custom program for your team to create and meet team change goals and transform your team collectively.

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The first person you lead is you.

~ John C. Maxwell

Blueprint One for Growth Program


Introductory pricing through August 31, 2022

  • 6 weeks | Online & Interactive
  • 45 minutes of in-depth, but streamlined lessons to teach you the blueprint technique efficiently
  • Weekly live, online group coaching sessions
  • Tackle one change at a time, once and for all
  • Learn a technique that you can use for the rest of your life
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Lead yourself first. Then lead others.

Successful people are doing the work to get this right.

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Meet Diane

Case Study
Department: Marketing
Goal: Stop micromanaging her team

Diane was stressed to the point of burnout. At work, she managed a team of 36 and at home a household consisting of her spouse, 3 kids and her early onset dementia 79-year-old father.

Diane is a lifelong high achiever and her position had offered an exciting challenge when she took the job 2 years prior. But now she was underwater and so was her team.

That's because Diane micromanaged not just her own team, but often (unofficially) her peers on behalf of the department head.

Goal: Stop micromanaging everyone's deadlines up, down and across her department. This habit had created an environment where her team both relied on and resented her management approach.

In Diane's Way: Diane's belief that if she didn't make the agendas and drive decisions, no one else would.


  • Increased, and higher level of, engagement from her team
  • Time to do more high-value strategic work/thinking
  • At home, Diane engaged her kids in caring for their grandfather and they wholeheartedly responded easing many tensions at home


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Meet Chad

Case Study
Department: Marketing
Goal: Giving positive and constructive feedback

Situation: In nearly all of his 360 degree reviews, Chad was seen as an absolute expert in his field, but impersonal and lacking empathy as a manager.

Chad is self-described as highly self-critical, and of the mantra from childhood that if "you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

In order to be promoted, his boss told him that he needed to learn to relate to his team in order to lead, not just manage, them.

Goal: Be able to offer positive and constructive feedback without it getting in the way of the team's performance.

In Chad's Way: Chad was stuck in his belief loop that - positive or constructive - feedback was going to negatively impact his team's performance. Too positive and the team would rest on their laurels. Too negative and they would be mad and stop performing at all. 


  • The team acknowledged Chad's changed approach and a morale boost was almost immediately noticeable
  • Chad found that he really liked the mentoring aspect of the script and his teams' favorable response
  • Chad also started complimenting his family members' efforts at home and also saw the immediate positive response
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Meet Shayla

Case Study
Department: Product Development
Goal: Offer her ideas more often and more confidently

Situation: Shayla is the only female leader on a gaming product development team and was hesitant to offer new ideas due to the primarily male team and company culture. When Shayla had ideas, she would stay silent. Too scared that she would be ridiculed or ignored. Often, someone else on the team would bring up the same or similar idea Shayla had and it would be well received. Shayla beat herself up every time for not just speaking up and knew that she was not seen as the creative, innovative thinker that she is. 

Goal: Gain confidence to share ideas in leadership meetings.

In Shayla's Way: Shayla worried that if her idea wasn't well received, she would be thought less of by her teammates. 


  • The support and recognition of her ideas was immediate from her boss, peer and team
  • This support carried over into the larger meeting and by presenting the well thought out idea, she had more confidence 
  • One peer even pulled her aside to offer his support going forward
  • Shayla is still working on offering ideas ad hoc in meetings, but has gained confidence in initiating new ideas overall

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