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This is a highly customized, 1:1 program where I work with you directly and personally to help you find and stay your inner path.

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Essential Self Program Outline

For those ready to journey deeper into your inner life, the Essential Self program offers a starting point. Upon completing the program, you will leave having a better sense of who you are, what you value and what you need to live a fulfilled life with guideposts and markers to guide your way.

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Session 1

A 90- minute deep dive discovery into who and what you are through in-depth conversation and inquiry.

You need not do anything to prepare for our discovery call other than be ready to discuss who and what you want to become. 

We will focus on uncovering what will support you becoming more fully You going forward.


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Essential Self Defined

Session 2

A 90-minute session to explore your values, the way to bring your values actively into your life and craft your unique Essential Self statement.

In this session, we will craft and write your Essential Self statement. This is a brief statement, typically fewer than 10 words that identifies what makes you uniquely You.

Writing an Essential Self statement helps you get clear about yourself in a way that personality and career assessments never quite articulate.

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Design Your Exploration

Session 3
A 60-minute session to confirm the rightness and resonance of your Essential Self statement. 

Once your statement is feeling just right, we'll outline how to incorporate this new inner beacon and supporting values into leading a more authentic life. 

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Essential Self Exploration

Sessions 4-6
Three 60-minute sessions to explore and activate your Essential Self.

The remaining three sessions will flow from the steps identified in the prior sessions. 

There is no set agenda for these sessions as the areas of focus will vary with each person.

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T. VanMatre, VP Strategy

"Rarely a day goes by that I don't think about my statement. I've come to think of my 'through-hikes' as journeys. These are my journeys to go through - good or bad, short or long, physical or mental, insignificant or monumental. When I'm true to myself and I approach them in a loving way (or with love) it feels I'm being my essential self or authentic self. If I approach them with resentment, ego, or pity it just doesn't feel right and I get sucked into this mental morass of self-doubt or anger; but when I switch to love it's a complete mind/body/feeling shift.

For me, the essential self statement has been more than a statement: it's been a grounding reminder of my identity. My identity as a husband. My identity as a father. My identity as a business leader. So, thank you for helping me find me."

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Essential Self Program


6 In-Depth Sessions Over 10 Weeks

  • In-depth 1:1 facilitation of self exploration and realization
  • Creation of an Essential Self statement that serves as your life's guidepost 
  • Identification of values and actions that will keep your life on the course you desire it to take
  • 6 one-to-one sessions  guiding you to your Essential Self statement and how to live into it fully
  • Lifetime use of an inner compass to guide your life
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