Unveil Your Full Power

A valley of epic proportions leads to Mt. Hood, a snowshoeing favorite among Vancouver/Portland locals and myself, located only an hour away from my home. The experience is made all the more special on a rare, clear full-moon night.

The night of this particular photo, the peak was initially shrouded in clouds. Undeterred, we continued our snowshoe trek up the valley. Gradually, the clouds drifted lower until the majestic peak emerged, floating in the sky like Zeus' Mount Olympus. As the sun gave way to twilight, Mt. Hood revealed its majestic purple beauty, standing tall and proud against a clear backlit sky.

Standing in awe of its glory, I thought about how I have hidden behind a veil of obscurity, much like the clouds that initially covered the peak. I've conceal passions for fear of being viewed as strange by family and friends. I've refrained from expressing a true desire for a different kind of project at work or new experience in a relationship. 

I've been reversing this tendency to hide, of perpetuating a limited, closely controlled image to those around me. This unveiling of my true self is evolving into a new kind of personal power and unfolding into new sources of creativity and opportunity.


Hi there!

Give me a chance to get you know you a bit better. Tell me something about the change you want to make.