Balancing Logic with Intuition to Lead Your Life

The scales of my inner compass tipped in favor of logic for the first thirty-two years of my life. Intuition wasn’t even something I thought about consciously. Until I found myself on the other side of an awakening moment wondering how I’d gotten into a decade-long marriage and career that was all wrong for me.

Developing and trusting my intuition hasn’t been easy or quick, but it has created a balancing effect in my life that I’ve grown to value and rely on. My intuition speaks with a soft voice. Until I ignore it for too long. Then I receive a “snap out of it” Cher in Moonstruck-style slap to my logic. I know I’m not alone in this experience. Well, maybe the Cher part. Fortunately, I’ve gotten much better at following my intuition and have lessened the need for those wake-up 'calls'.

The thing I love about my intuition is its creativity in communicating with me and its persistence. In the last few years, I’ve found working with my body’s messages has deepened my trust and ability to follow my intuition with more confidence. I don’t go blindly along with my intuition (most of the time!) Now I approach it with a sense of curiosity and adventure versus doubt. It’s transformed how I lead my life.

If your intuition has led you here, please join Scott Masciarelli and me at our upcoming event Expanding Intuition: Attune to your Body’s Intelligence. We are both sharing tools and practices we’ve used to tap into, trust and follow our intuition to guide our lives in positive ways.


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