Hi there! I'm Cindy.

I support people like you to uncover and engage more of your strengths and talents so that you may become the person you most want to be—inside and out.

Personal growth is so important to me I've made a career out of it creating programs and workshops to build a better relationship with yourself so that you can build, improve and sustain meaningful relationships with others in your personal and professional life.

Blueprint One for Growth tackles those tricky 'soft' skills we all wish we had, but struggle to achieve with willpower, logic and discipline. Until now.

What I believe about change and self leadership

  • The Self cannot be improved, only realized. The change I'm speaking to here is about uncovering what already exists within you. You are already whole and nothing is 'wrong' with you. 

  • We are all meant to lead ourselves. True leadership starts within. Not everyone is meant to lead others, and that's ok.

  • Your happiness, your success, your relationships are your responsibility. No one is coming to rescue you and it's not up to your boss, your partner, your family to make your life better. The good news is, when your life is your responsibility then you can make the changes you want to create the life you desire.

  • Change is a fully body, spirit and mind event. When you start listening to data from all aspects of yourself, change happens and it sticks.

  • You are learning a new way of being. The kind of change we are tackling takes time and patience. It's not necessarily harder, just different than picking up a new skill like learning how to create macros in Excel or dribble a basketball.

  • This is about freedom to chose the life you want. When you understand what's holding you back, you can move yourself forward and accomplish more of what you want in your life.

For those of you looking for credentials, I have supported, mentored, coached and guided stay-at-home moms to leaders in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies like Mattel, DIRECTV, and Arrow Electronics. 

Certifications & Background
  • Immunity to Change facilitator developed by Harvard professors
  • Certified Deep Transformational Coach
  • Reiki Master Level III
  • SPACES State Change training
  • 20 years of business leadership roles
  • 12+ years experience in behavior change, and organizational change and transformation

The workshops and programs I offer are curated and created from a lifetime of professional experience, education and training, personal deep dives into transformation, research and tools I've tested and proven to succeed. 

Lead the life and have the career you want,

not just the life you happen to live

Want more tips and tools for leading the career and life you want? 

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